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Hi guys,

I was on CCC 9.11 before switching to 10.2 hoping to fix the S3 sleep wakeup problem with my ATI 5850 card.
Well, things were going fine right after the install in the subsequent reboot, but things got ugly when I put the computer to sleep (S1) before I head out. The screen was tinted red when I came back home and wake my computer, with vertical lines and weird artifacts on screen. I thought of the grey-screen/vertical line problem with the 5800 drivers before, and rolled back my CCC to 10.1 so I can install the hotfix. No dice. Tried system restore to the day before, but saw no effect. I completely uninstalled CCC, and the BIOS screen and the Vista loading screen display fine until the logo screen came up, and everything went red from there on.

So... anyone have a clue on what might fix this problem short of a Windows reinstall?

I'm using Vista Ultimate 32 bit with AMD PhII 720, MSI 790GX.

Thanks for the helps in advance.

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  1. After a complete shut down and reboot, do you still see artifacts on the screen or does it take a little time before it happens?

    If you do, the card may have been damaged. This isn't the normal problem you'd see with bad drivers, or installation issues.
  2. The color display correctly under safe mode, and if I disable the 5850 display adapter in device driver the color is normal again. After a complete shutdown the red tint/artifacts shows up with the 790GX quick-boot screen, unless if the previous shutdown was performed under safe mode which would display the MSI logo in normal color scheme.
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    That's quite odd. Drivers should have no effect during the boot screen.

    I've seen these color issues before, when the card was not properly seated or when a monitor was going bad. The way you are describing it, your card could be overheating when you boot up normally, but not when in safe mode.

    This sounds more like a hardware issue than a software one. Your software has no effect on the boot screen.
  4. Try the 10.3 driver
  5. Humm... alright, I guess I'll re-seat the graphic card and see if that helps... kind of weird since I haven't open my computer since a month ago...

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  7. Thanks bystander,
    Turned out re-seating the graphic card (and dusting it with compress air) did the trick. Thanks a bunch.
  8. Awesome, great to hear :)
  9. I have had a similar issue with the 5850. After replacing my UD3 P55 motherboard (as I thought similar to above that hardware was an issue) the system was still unstable, with it sometimes not booting up and appearing to be in a holding pattern on standby. I then thought perhaps it was underpowered and replaced a 650 with a 720watt supply. Still no go then one day I inadvertently kicked the side of the machine and the screen flickered in that video card is playing up way. Turns out the card seats better in the second PCI port as there is some gear on the P55 UD3 that was holding the card up at one end by the smallest fraction of a mm.

    Great machine but can be temperamental, this process took 5 weeks to sort out.

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