A simple build

hello world,

What motherboard and heatsink would I need if I use a ....?

CPU ::
pentium 4 (S775)
531 sl9cb malay

RAM ::
kvr400x64c3a (got 1 GB and 512MB stick)

P.S. :: I know that those pieces are quite old but it's for someone that is just using the computer for pictures/internet/word/adobe acrobat (PDF)
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  1. tecmo34 said:

    these are quite too high, I'm not looking as of for a lesser gaming rig or even overclocking. That motherboard is for 45nm.
  2. Here is another alternative...

    MOBO: ASRock 775I915PL-SATA2
    ASRock's Motherboard Supported CPU List

    HSF: OEM CPU Cooler - 95-Watt, Socket 775

    These will cost you roughly $26 for both items....
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