S-video to composite wiring.....??

Ok first off im a tinkerer,i make my own microphones,wire my own rca to headphone converters(or whatever),make my own rca splitters,install my own stereo equipment,fix my own motor vehicles and im good at fixing electronics when theyre since you understand my personality a little ill go ahead with my question.

I already know the quality will be crap with what im wanting to do here,basically i just want to do it for sh**s and giggles.

I have an old nvivda6200 agp gfx card(supports tv out,s-video,vga,dvi,component),i want to connect it to my old CRT but the problem is that the tv only has composite inputs.

but being the tinkerer i am,i knew there was a way to make it work so i started poking around for a wiring diagram and eventually found this video on where a guy is showing how to take an s-video cable and wire it to a single yellow rca tip by connecting the white+red and green+yellow on on the s-video cable then wiring the yellow+green to the signal wire and the white+red to the ground.

my problem with those instructions is that my s-video output wires are color coded differently.instead of having what he shows mine are: brown,brown w/white stripe and black,black w/white stripe,plus it has a fifth bare wire.

i dont know what the wires are used for so im not entirely sure about doing it without knowing.has anybody done this?

I would guess something like brown w/white stripe+black w/white stripe then black+brown,does that sound right?...probably not,but like i said im not sure and thats why im here.
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    Get your pin layout for the S-video connector.
    Buy a multi meter.

    One end on the pin of the connector, strip the wires touch the other end of the meters probe to each wire.
    Untill you get a closed circuit.

    You will then be able to find with the pinout, what each olour wire relates to.
    IE : H-sync, V-sync, G, G.
  2. ok well i was just thinking somebody might already know so i didnt have to go out to the shop and hunt down my ohmeter,it was basically a blizzard out last night and i didnt feel like going outside.I got it sorted out though,and i went ahead and made a diagram of it as well,if a person wanted to do this the only thing youll have to do you to test the continutity of your cable to find out how you need to connect the wires.

    If you have a 7 pin s-video cable,the pins you want to use will be in the same position with the possible exception of a few s-video cables.
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