Power Supply Failure?

I'm running a 600W COOLMAX power supply on this system...
i5-750 @ 3.2Ghz (OC) W/ Corsair H-50 Radiator Cooler
Corsair 2X2GB 1600Mhz RAM (OC)
MSI P55-GD41 Motherboard
GTX 470 OC to 1800 mem, 650 clock
one 250MM fan, two 120MM fans
Storm Scout
1 Samsung Blu-ray reader
640GB WD Caviar Blue HDD

I was playing Crysis, with the graphics around 80C and the CPU around 50 and then my system crashed, wouldn't boot up.... so I took out the Power Supply first all on it's own and it wouldn't even start up the built in fan, connected to the motherboard nothing, on it's own nothing.....

It seems dead but I'm not 100% sure, if it is does anyone have any suggestions on what to replace it with to run the above set up?

All help is appreciated!
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    Coolmax is a horrible PSU brand, it is definitely your PSU that needs to be replaced. If i was you, i would go with any of the following PSU brands, 650w or greater.

    PC Power & Cooling Silencer series
    Some OCZ PSU's are nice (do research on OCZ brands)

    The following is a good example. The higher watt value you get, the more room you'll have for overclocking/SLI or Crossfire/future upgrades.
  2. Corsair TX750
  3. Take your PSU, a case fan, and a paper clip and do the steps shown in this video, if it cant get the fan spinning its dead.

    I second obsidian's recommendation for the TP-750, its cheaper after rebate than the 750TX and is modular too.
  4. Thanks guys! After work I went by Best Buy and picked up a 650TX (Corsair) from BB, it booted my system but when I tried to up the graphics card fan the computer just turned off, it'll boot to the bios and turn off sometimes (no major errors). I set the CPU and RAM to stock, so it runs fine without crashing like that, but do I need the 750 to OC it? If so it'll only be 20$ more, but does the system really need 750W to OC and run stable? (just seems surprising!)

    Thanks for the info/help!
  5. well, at least it truns on!
    i have a coolmax 500w, but im only expecting like 250watts from it at max load (core2duo, geforce 6800 ultra)
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  7. the 650TX is enough for overclocking, you will have no issues at all.
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