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New to overclocking but thought I'd give it a try anyways....went into the BIOS and hyperthreading off and auto oc settings to 4.0 ghz, restarted the pc and getting a never ending boot loop..BIOS won't even show.up before it.shuts off and restarts process. I have tried removing the battery on the board to reset default.settings however nothing different happens. I'm using a dz38bc intro.board that even has a reset button but still rodent seem to work. Any ideas ? On what's too.g on here
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  1. Dz38bc Intel board*
  2. have to pull power from the wall for a few min to let the mb drain then clear the cmos. with power to the mb the cmos wont drain.
  3. this ^^ did not work...anyone else.....
    this has happaned to me once before which was fixed with unpugging the piwersupply from the wall and re plugging however that time i was not overclocking. the computer was shut off accidently
    ive tried unplugging , and letting it sit with the little battery out multiple times for mins--to hours each time
  4. You might want to remove power then the cmos battery to get it working..
  5. ^^ as stated above....ive tred this multiple times over the past two dats
  6. do i have a dead mobo or cpu here... after searching various sites it seems this is logial.
  7. update...
    if i continue to press the reset button on the motherboard the system will stay on. Nothing will show up on screen and a 15 will show up on the little led screen on the mobo before it shuts off. wat is up?
  8. may be a bad reset or case board try unplugging everything but the on switch and see if it stays on.
  9. Do I take off the ram and gpu to? Or leave those on as well
  10. figured it out with a friend....bios issue
    however i still havent given up trying to overclock my pc
    we tried for 2 hours and still no stable oc..
    anyone have any tips using this board?
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