SSD has challenges with mixed write/reading ?

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....SSDs have challenges with mixed reads and writes, and their performance may degrade over time....

what does that mean actually ? is this true ? when will I feel this?
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  1. Why do you keep making posts about this? If your so worried, just go with an HDD.
  2. Chainzsaw said:
    Why do you keep making posts about this? If your so worried, just go with an HDD.

    because I need information before I make a decision
    the other post was about longevity, this one is about a performance issue
    so do you have an answer to my question ?
  3. Yes, my answer is go read some Tomshardware reviews. There are literally tons and tons of threads with these questions.

    I also reccomend going over to as well - they have good information on SSD's as well.

    There is no quick answer - you literally have to read tons of pages worth of information.
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    Have SSDs going back to Intels G1 (generation 1), and outside of maybe a meaninless bench mark program - NO noticable drop in performance.
    .. Just make sure you treat it as it should be treated, trim enabled and a Min of 15% free space ( I prefer 20 %) this is so wear leving, GC and Trim can work there magic.

    Even a with some deteration, it is still going to be Very much faster than a HDD, say 5 years out.

    As chainsaw pointed out anadtech has some very good reviews that normally include "hammering" the drive to verify the effectiveness of GC and tirm in terms of returning the drive to "manufs" specs.

    HDDs also has a deteration - Normally this is sectors going bad. Ling run this is worse.
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