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Hi all,

I'm building a new system, and will be OC'ing my CPU for the first time.

Going with i5-3570k & GTX 690.. will be getting the EVO heatsink. MOBO Z77 family, TBD

I'm hoping to do a moderate overclock of the CPU. perhaps to 4.3 gHz or so? My question is, what speed of RAM should I get? I've read opposite facts, so I'm looking for some clarity on this. If MOBO ties into this also, please feel free to make a recommendation.

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  1. TBH there is only a very slight difference in perfomance with ram speeds I use 1600Mhz
  2. there is such a small price difference that most people go with 1600mhz. thats what I'm using and thats what i recommend. You get less for your money from that price point up and really ram speed doesn't affect much.
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