Dual cpu mobos worth it?

i am thinking of getting a dual cpu motherboard, i currently only have one cpu, will it still work with 1 until i get a second? I also want to know if it will help with gaming or not. thx
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  1. 1) What CPU do you have currently & what board are you looking at?

    2) Dual CPU boards will not benefit you in gaming unless you are looking at a 4-way GTX 580 OC'd / WC'ing setup at high resolutions. For basic gaming usage, it is not worth it... IMO.

    3) Dual CPU's are ideal for a work station / server based system, however.
  2. Basic to mid end gaming, not worth it. Actually its not really worth it at all, waste of money for an overkill pointless system, not to be blunt lol sorry. Dont think of future-proofing either, dont invest such money in a system that will last for 5 to 7 years. Instead, invest in somthing easier that will still handle current games and maybe games for the next year to three years at high settings if you desire the graphical eye candy. It will only cost around 1300-1600 dollars, instead of buying a system now for much more than that and only have the potential to upgrade that expensive system which then even costs more. You just get tied up, instead of just building a whole new one that can then handle games and applications smoothly and easily for again around 1600 dollars. Less money, less hassle.
  3. "Dual cpu mobos worth it?"
    Not to me. :)
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