Zotac amp GT 240 (GDDR5) 512 mb

I actually bought this card because it's the best one among the cheap cards and yet provide a great gaming performance. Thing i was confused about was that when u play gta iv. YOu go to graphics tab then it says how much vram the graphics are using so for this card will it show 521 mb of vram or will it show more?

Thx alot
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  1. i believe that it shows how much the game is actually using. so it will show some number UP TO 512mb. if its more than that, then the game will likely fail to run or run horribly.
  2. The game can use than the ram on the GPU, it simply borrows from your system memory. I dont really see that happening on the 240 GT as its not a very powerful card. Any game that surpasses the memory cache of 512MB will be choking by the processing power of the gpu itself, so it will not matter.
  3. what do you guys mean??? i mean i had HD 4650 (not OC one) and i could run everything on high. I checked millions of benchmarks and what i could see was that this card was better then HD 4670 so how does it suck? All i want to know is that if 512 mb would be enough for gta iv cuz it's DDR5. I'm confused about DDR5 and 512 mb.... thats what i wanna know if they are 2 different things or is it like 512 x 5 ???
  4. no, it still 512mb. GDDR5 just means it high speed RAM.

    it depends what resolution you are at, but the ammount of RAM is not that important in deciding the performance of a game. the onloy real impact is when the game needs more than the available ammount of RAM, so performance degrades drastically.

    but performance won;t be that great with that card, because GTA4 is a horribly coded port. at a low resolution, you will be able to play fine, but anything too high will require substantially lowered settings.
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