Any way to get Dolby Digital Live?

Hi. I have an AuzenTech Bravura 7.1 sound card. It has DTS and Direct Sound 3D and EAX 4.0 and other things but the main drawback is it does not have Dolby Digital Live. I noticed in playing some Batman AA that all the audio seemed to be coming out the center channel, even if it should be coming from behind me (during the escorting Joker part at the beginning). I noticed in running the benchmark thing that there was very slight ambient noises coming from my surround speakers but I still think something's not right. I did some googling and found very little, but one forum people were saying you need DDL, and I found that you can download DDL for XFi Creative cards. Well, my card has the XFi chip on it... so would that work? Or does anyone know of any other drivers which might work?

The surround sound works great in every other game I've played from Crysis to Metro to Mirror's Edge and Dirt 2 and NFS Shift etc. But it would be great to have that compatibility.
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