GPU upgrade worth it?

Just want to get some of ur opinions regarding my GPU upgrade.

Currently: Point of View GeForce 8800GTS 640MB GDDR3 dxlevel 10

Wanting/thinking of getting: XFX GeForce 260GTX 896MB GDDR3

The question is will I see a noticeable difference when I'm playing games like L4D2, FEAR2, MW2 ?

Many thanks.
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  1. 1) The GTX 260 is a solid step up. You will have a noticeable difference on larger monitors and newer games. Your current card should be able to handle the games you listed fine on 17-19 LCD. (you did not state your native resolution)

    2) the GTX 260 needs more power so make sure your PSU can handle it.

    3) the GTX 260 is also currently overpriced so you may want to look into an ATI alternative unless you just want Nvidia.
  2. Sorry I forgot to state my resolution. Currently on an HP x2007v 20.1" LCD screen on 1680x1050 60Hz refresh rate.

    Yes i do agree in the GTX 260 being quite overpriced, especially for the clockspeed, it's not amazing when u compare it to ATIs that have minimum clockspeeds of 740MHz with probably more processing cores as well. But I'm leaning also more towards compatibility + performance, I read quite a few incidents on compatibility issues with ATI gpu's, especially with their poorer driver support when up against Nvidia. Plus i've been using Nvidia since my first set-up and i'm very familiar with how they work, afraid i try something new i might not like or face trouble with. In any case, I'll have spool through some ATIs, do u have any suggestions in mind that's equivalent or more than the GTX 260? Thanks.
  3. An ATI HD5770 is a better option than the GTX260 one.
    I don't see any problem with your PSU (OCZ 700w ModXstream). It will work well. In my opinion it has power enough.
  4. Does the XFX version of the HD5770 have dual-DVI + HDMI port?

    EDIT: How's the compatibility with Valve games in general?
  5. Either card is definitely a huge step up, especially for your resolution, but the HD5770 is certainly a better choice over the GTX 260. They are equal in performance but the HD5770 is usually about $50 cheaper these days. Even at the same price the HD5770 would be superior in a number of ways including DX11 compatibility, much greater power efficiency, three monitor support and superior audio/video playback features.
    You are only likely to have driver issues if you don't fully uninstall your old Nvidia drivers. Running Driver Sweeper in safe mode should take care of that however;
  6. Here you have a the XFX one:

    Anyway, in my opinion, HIS (icooler version) and Sapphire (vapor-x or toxic versions)are better choices:

    Yes, all of them have Dual-DVI + HDMI port.
  7. @ jyjjy: Thanks for the driversweeper tool, this will really come in handy.

    @ Henry Chinaski: I like the choices here, but for the Sapphire cards, they're quite pricey, my maximum price limit for a new GPU is 130GBP ~ $195. That's how much the XFX HD 5770 1GB retail card costs here in London. I don't want to go for something crazy like 300GBP in price for a gpu, that costs just about the same as my CPU + Mobo put together.

    So the verdict, out of the two- XFX 260 GTX 896MB GDDR3 vs. XFX HD 5770 1GB GDDR5, clearer choice for price+performance+compatibility would be?
  8. i would go for the 5770, it is a better price for performance GPU then the GTX 260

    jyjjy linked you a solid choice
  9. ^ Not if he lives in London ;)
    For price/performance, it's the HD5770, and it has better HD sound, DX11 etc.
    For pure performance, the GTX260 is the way to go, but it is getting hard to find at a reasonable price.
    Had the same issue myself a few weeks ago when I built my new I5 rig and opted for the slightly slower HD5770.
    Have a look here at the test results (bottom left corner) and see if the extra cash for a GTX260 is worth it for YOU.

    As for compatability, my HD5770/I5 has no problems with any of the HL series Valve games at all-It even runs oldies like The Suffering, Quake 2 and Unreal (yes the original) flawlessly.
  10. you brits really need a :na:
  11. The 260 and 4870 are most often reported as being about 10% faster than the 5770. However at pone point, they all cost about $155 .... when the GFX card shortage drove prices, up, the 260 shot well past the 5770 and is now selling for about $215. At $215, i wouldn't buy it and it really won't start to be a good choice until it's within $20 or so of the 5770,

    At your resolution, any of those cards will keep you happy.

    Assuming you have the slot available, rather than tossing it away, I'd save that 8800 GTS for this:

    See for what differences it makes.

    Here's how,8786.html?xtmc=play_nice_ati_physx&xtcr=1
  12. JackNaylorPE said:
    The 260 and 4870 are most often reported as being about 10% faster than the 5770.

    They were reported as that when the card was first released and running on beta drivers. It is no longer the case.
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