What kind of connection is this?

This is a sata drive from my notebook but I don't know what kind of connection this is so I can get an adapter to connect to my pc to get the data off? Any ideas? Thank You

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  1. you dont need an adapter all you need is a sata cable running from your desktop's sata port (data cable) and connect that to the laptop drive along with a power wire (think black connector coming fromy our power supply)
  2. I have an external dock I can connect sata drives two but the connections on this one are different. It like its missing the enclosure around the connectors? Thank you
  3. Hello,

    Those pins you are seeing is a SATA to PATA converter. Can you try and pull that converter off (where the pins are located). Hopefully that should reveal the SATA power and SATA cable connectors.

    This is what it should kind of look like:

  4. OMG i'm such an idiot. That was a duh moment. I still needed to take it out of the hardrive enclosure. ROFL
  5. Just wondering if that end section slides off to reveal normal sata connectors. Might be an odd adaptor the notebook manufacturer uses.
  6. Were you able to pull off the converter? Note: It should just come straight out.
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