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Performance Difference

Would i see a difference in gaming and speed coming from a Pentium D 2.4ghz to a AMD Athlon II X3 445 880g AM3 Motherboard?
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  1. Definitely.You'll see a great boost in performance especially in games that benefit from multicore CPUs.
  2. ^+1... You will see in a difference in gaming with the newer platform but overall you will be impacted more by going with a more powerful graphics card (ATI 6000 series & Nvidia GTX 500/400 series) in combination with the CPU upgrade.
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    PassMark CPU Scores -
    610 -> Intel Pentium D 2.4 GHz {guess 610; 2.66 is 673}
    2712 -> AMD Athlon II X3 445

    Yeah, just a 'little' 450% increase not to mention the enormous bottlenecking difference of architectural differences. In addition, the Athlon II X3 445 has an unlockable core; so whatever AM3 "880G" {sounds like a GA/MSI MOBO} chipset MOBO you choose just verify that it has Core Unlocker feature e.g. ->
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