May have mounted my heat-sink rotated 180 degrees

Hello all, so yesterday I mounted my new Cooler Master PWM 412 Slim but then after placing the motherboard into the case I realised that I had placed it upside down on the CPU (read: the cpu is still touching the correct part to cool it but the 'Cooler Master' brand name is upside down when I look at it). Will this effect cooling performance at all? As far as I can tell it isn't any different at all except its going to annoy me every time I look at it.

Thanks in advance :D
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  1. As long as you've got the air flowing in the correct direction, cooling performance should be exactly the same.
  2. There will be a slight effect unless you change the way the fan is mounted the fan when mounted the right way would be blowing air torwards the back exhaust fan where now you will be pulling against this fan and dumping the heat in the case, if you have a top exhaust fan you could try switching your back exhaust to an intake supplying your cooler with cold air otherwise change the fan around on the cooler
  3. Based upon the images I just saw on Google your fan will be blowing in the wrong direction. Maybe it's easier to move/reverse the fan than R&R the whole heatsink.
  4. hmmm that depends... your fans may now be blowing in the opposite direction. If thats not a problem for you then you can keep it that way..
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    Mounted the heat-sink 180 degrees wrong
    Mounted the heat-sink 180 degrees wrong
    Mounted the heat-sink 180 degrees wrong
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