Problem with incessant corrupt al.

I would like to explain what is happening with my system and see if anyone has an idea what component is failing.

This all began when I was installing my new Radeon 5770. I uninstalled all the old drivers (nvidia), rebooted, installed Catalyst drivers and rebooted.

The drivers never installed correctly so I uninstalled them, reinstalled, installed an older version, etc. I started getting weird corrupt files and eventually the catalyst setups quit working, saying they were "incomplete" and I needed to redownload, even though I had previously installed the exact same file. Along with this I was getting other files acting weird - unable to copy them, unable to extract from previously working archives.

So I started to think, well maybe my hard drive is going bad...its only a month old, so perhaps its a lemon. I decided to test things by making a small partition on my drive to install a clean version of windows 7. I would boot from cd, run install, and when it would reboot I would get an error about bootmgr being messed I checked out all i could find online about repairing/rebuilding bootmgr but none of that worked, so I thought this has to just be a bad HD.

So I go get a brand new seagate barracuda, starting brand spanking fresh, boot from my windows cd, start installing and now half way through install I get "Setup cannot continue due to corrupted installation file"....I never even got that message with the old HD.

So apparently the culprit is not the HD. The video card is the newest component, but how could it be causing these kind of problems? Is the mother board going bad? I have a new modxstream 600w psu so I don't think its any power issue with the new video card. I am truly baffled. Things have regressed from a screwed up windows to the point where I can't even install from scratch. And all the repairing or reformatting accomplished nothing.

Any suggestions?


BTW: motherboard is a Asus A8N SLI deluxe with 3 gig ram and an amd cpu...cant remember the exact one.
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  1. Your Windows 7 installation disc is corrupted.
  2. Sounds like a virus. Also sounds like you might have bad ram. Run Memtest from boot CD.
  3. if it was a virus, how would it make it on the new hard drive?
  4. mosox said:
    Your Windows 7 installation disc is corrupted.

    I thought that this might be the case - though it wouldn't explain why everything was falling apart in the first place. nevertheless, I tried to install vista (shudder) to test if that would work and it failed on reboot...again disk errors.

    I had thought maybe a virus, but could that affect a brand new HD (all others were removed prior)

    I will go check the ram now...
  5. so...i tried again using a single of ram and still got failure after the install/reboot. Corrupt files in the windows/ directory. So I tried again with a different stick of ram and a different hard drive and that time I got a BSOD after install/reboot.

  6. Can you make a Hiren's BootCD or put it on a stick and run some of the tests in there?

    You have the link in there.
  7. Check Mother board BIOS: Set to Default "Don't overclock". Update to the newest BIOS if any
    What type of rams u have on the MB and on your new video card
    Get a new CD-ROM "Multi Read is best"
    Now try to install a new windows.. if it still failed then try it with the different video car..if still no go then.. we'll see what you come up with. best of luck.
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