One paertition is not accessible


I have a second HDD like as store in my PC and its one partition is not accessible
and I believe because of this my main HDD with OS got slow because of this

so how to get rid of this situation, tell me any s/w and also tell if I need to save data first before applying any s/w

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  1. Is the second hdd old? Any massage that show to format the drive? More detail please.
  2. no I got it in replacement of a 2 year old HDD on last october
    hope they give new as replacement
    It don't show any message but when I try to check it manually it says window can't access
    in used space and free space its 0

    days before window used to check this disk regularly but now its not doing this
    and just in my computer this volume stays un accessible

  3. Format it. It will end up your issue i hope.
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    replacement products r not generally new ones. Those r repaired one with same used time w.r.t to ur rma date. There r many free tools available which can recover and repair damaged partitions. Do a search in the forum here , go through them and u will get many solution.
    If ur datas r important then,
    1 First try to recover ur partition
    2. extract all ur datas
    3. use tool from ur hard disk manufacture site to search for disk error (dont try this until u recover ur data as to much activity of hard disk may further damage it if there is some mechanical error present as ur hd is of replacement type, possible).
    4. do a fresh format.
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