Getting a GTX 280 to run on a 500 watts power supply with a single 6 pin power c

a nice guy is selling me his GTX 280 card sometime soon. I just figured out that it requires One 6 pin and another 8 pin power connector. I cant really afford a new 200$$ PSU that has all of that.

Anyways, I want to run the GPU on my 500 watts single 6 pin power connector somehow.

My question is...

Would that damage the card severely or in anyway ?

are there any adapters that i could use to make a 8 pin power connector for the card ?

What effects would that do on my system? i mean would it crash? or would it become slow? would the PSU Blow up or fry? and what would happen to the card ?

what are you recommendation...

I really appreciate any help you guys may give ... Thank you
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  1. GTX280 uses a lot of power...a 500W PSU at 80% efficiency has 400Watts of power, (1x 8-pin = 150Watts, 1x 6-pin = 75watts, 150+75=225), and the GTX280 uses at least 225Watts of power. Leaving only 175 for the CPU, HDD, DVD-Drive, RAM, Fans, and motherboard probably isn't a good idea.
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