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hi guys, i have read through this forum and many others, its the old question of running a hd 4670 on a 250w psu.

my sons pc specs.
acer aspire t671
p4 3.0ghz
3 gb ram
on board radeon express1250
dvd r/w
memory card reader

psu details
delta electronics switching power supply
output 250w max.
+5v /16A
+12V /15A
+5 VSB / 2A
+3.3V /20A
-1.2V /0.5A

+3.3V & +5V total power cannot exceed 110W
+3.3V & +5V 110W
+3.3V & +5V &12V total power cannot exceed 245W
+3.3V & +5V & 12V 245W

looking above, does that mean i have 135W spare to run a hd4670?
also looking here

"When it comes to power consumption, the Radeon HD 4670 is nothing short of awesome. At idle our entire testbed (Intel G45 + Core 2 Quad Q9450) used only 67W with the Radeon HD 4670. Under load running Crysis we were looking at 139W.

While the 9500 GT is a little lower in power use, the performance difference is huge as well. The 4670 drawing 139W competes in performance with the cards that draw about 30W more."

also found this
"It should be fine even if customer support won't be happy since they "recommend" 26A and a 400W PSU, probably because they figure you have 10 hard drives and run an i7 965. There's a review of the E2160, not overclocked, with a 7800GT using a little more than 100W under load (http://www.neoseeker.com/Artic..._e2160_review/13.html). I don't know how reliable that review is but the E2160 has a TDP of 65W anyway. I assume the HP can't be overclocked.

The 4670 (about 50W) uses about 10W less power than the 7800GT (about 60W). If the whole system is drawing 100-120W, then it can't use more than ~10A on the 12V tops. That PSU only gets ~14A on the 12V but on first glance I don't see much in there that's going to stress the PSU."

will it run ok? as you know the 4670 does not need a power connector but runs straight from the pcie slot
this is on my sons ps and he cannot really afford to buy a new psu, (hence only getting the 4670)
thanks in advance.
ps. i know the recommended psu is a 400w and i have read all the threads on this, but some psu differs and i am wondering if it will run on this.
thanks in advance
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  1. You'll be fine mate. I run an OC'd HD4650/E1400 (both oc'd) on a 200Watt.
  2. It will probably be ok but you are cutting it close. You may just want to get an HD4650 instead. It should definitely work and I don't think there will be much of a difference between the two cards on p4. Get the DDR3 version;
  3. shadow187 said:
    You'll be fine mate. I run an OC'd HD4650/E1400 (both oc'd) on a 200Watt.

    The HD4650 uses significantly less power and the quality of your PSUs may vary widely.
  4. It's a dell 65% efficiency with 14a on the 12v.
  5. Yeah, Dell PSUs tend to be high quality. Your 200w is likely basically equivalent to his 250w. The HD4670 may work, but it's not definite and if it does it's certainly pushing things which can make the PSU fail before long. Considering it's being paired with a p4 I'd personally just play it safe and get the HD4650.
  6. Oh woops, didn't see pentium.

    Yeah..that's stretching it.
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