I7-860 Build (Help Please)

Hello All,

I am currently getting ready to order parts for a new computer build. Being fairly green at this myself I would appreciate some advice on if the components I chose were acceptable and a good Idea. My budget is 1800$.

Plan on ordering in the next week or so, Uses for this system will be (Gaming, Slight video editing/watching, Web surfing and study) Any advice is much appreciated thanks for your time.

Case: Antec 900
CPU: Intel i7-860
GPU: Radeon 5850 (HIS edition)
PSU: Corsair 650W (Modular PSU)
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3
HD: Western Digital Velociraptor 10K 300g
RAM: Corsair 2x2g Kit XMS3 1600
Monitor: 24" widescreen
Keyboard: G15 Logitech
OS: Windows 7

Thanks again and all help is much appreciated. It's a lot of money to me and I want to do it right :-).
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  1. get the asus p7p55d e pro. and ati 5970 if its fits the budget. i would prefer asus mobo's
  2. This is currently priced at 17** what would you change to get those upgrades.
  3. wow that 5970 is more then twice a much I don't know if I will be able to fit that in but the new MOBO maybe why do you recommend it over the one I posted?
  4. well with your BIG budget. 5970 completes ur rig. any rig with a $1800 bugdet isnt complete without a 5970..

    hmm about the mobo. asus is more reliable and famous. but in terms of performance asus still have the upper hand.

    i would also recomend this mobo. if your staying with the 5850

    or this

    ^it would more cheaper
  5. any chance of you posting the build you would make with 1800$ (I do need a monitor and keyboard but I could downgrade the keyboard)

    I really appreciate your help and more seasoned hands/eyes would do me good on this.
  6. uhm yeah sure, wait first question.uhm is the monitor included in the $1800 build?
  7. mobo:ASUS P6X58D Premium
    gpu:his 5850
    ram:ocz gold 6gb
    psu:corsair 750wt tx
    hsf:cm hyper 212
    case:antec 902
    drive:lg blueray burner
    hdd:seagte abra 500gb 7200rpm
    cpu:core i7 930
    monitor:samsung 24
    total: $1473.91+260=
    total= $1733.91

    solve your problem? :)
  8. Yes all things listed in the build list are included sorry I probably shouldn't of put it in the budget but if it is worth it I could be convinced to downgrade (I am kinda excited about the 24" goodness though)
  9. hm, I'm still pretty new to computer building whats the advantage of the i7-930 over the i7-860 I noticed the i7-860 doing better in benchmarks but I could totally be wrong.
  10. i7 930 cost more. becuase there motherboard the lga1366(x58) supports crossfire 16x/16x and the memory they support triple channel memory. the i7 860 is a quad core cpu just like the i7 930 but their main difference is that i7 930 has 4 cores/8 threads. your not wrong on what u have noticed because i7 930 is powerful in terms of rendering. i7 860 would be a better cpu if for gaming.

    but i suggest the i7 because with their mobo(x58) a 6 core proccesor is cooming which would be a good upgrade path. sooooo i cant explain any further. ive done my research :) hahhahahaha
  11. I think i'm going to stick with the i7-860 don't know why just feel better about it haha, Any other things you would change on the build I already updated it with the mobo you suggested (the first one) But I am totally open to more critiques or a slap in the face if I am being stupid about the i7-860 (I really don't see me upgrading it to the six cored cpu's any time in the 1366 socket. )
  12. i7-860 cost more. do you really need that? if for gaming you can go with the i5-750 can let you save some money still you have a fast cpu. check the reviews on toms about i5-750 you'll be fasinated :D
  13. wow. that i5-750 looks awesome is there any reason for choosing the i7-860?
  14. for bragging rights? kidding well i dont know they say its faster but i dont think its worth its price
  15. Yeah I guess I can bite the bullet for now and get the i7-860 it also has hyper-threading which is nice. Now for the HD should I stick with the one I have it seems to be nice. My plan is to get Intel 40g SSD's and raid 0 them when the money permits and use the 300g for basic storage. But I do not know when ill be able to afford the SSD's
  16. yeah. i agree. use the ssd for your os and maybe 1 game. an intel 80gb maybe. if there is one hahaha. maybe this christmas ssds are avordable
  17. so you think I'm pretty set to order this baby up?
  18. yeah. its good to go
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    Don't let him try to talk you into things that you don't really need.

    The 5970 would be great, but the 5850 will be a good card. It really depends on what you are planning on playing.

    The i5 750 is a great CPU and OCs well, if you plan to. It does not Hyperthread, which the 860 does do. This means that the 860 will have 4 cores, but 8 threads.

    The i7 930 (on the different socket) does support triple channel memory and dual PCIE x16 slots, but if you read around, these things make small differences in most areas.

    If you plan on doing just gaming, I'd go i5 750 and the 5850. If you think there may be some serious multitasking in there, check out the 860 or 930. If you know you'll be using two really high-end graphics cards or something else in that extra x16 slot, get the i7 930 and and x58 board.

    The build you put together looks nice. I'd go with a SSD (30GB would be enough) and a storage drive instead of the Velociraptor.

    I'd also go with a non-modular PSU, but that's just my opinion.

    Good luck with the build.
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