512MB or 1GB

So, planning on getting a Radeon HD 5670, but should I go for the 512MB or 1GB version? Quite some money to be saved.

I'm running Vista 32-bit, have 2GB ram installed, and I'm currently running a (since purchase) faulty 1gb 8600GT.

I'll be using the PC mainly for watching Blu Rays, once I have a blu ray drive, but also for a bit of gaming, however not at 1080p, probably at my current monitor res, 1440x900.

And also, just wondering whether my Asus M3A motherboard is actually compatible with the 5670?

Thanks in advance guys.
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  1. 512Mb is just fine for you at your resolution and needs.
  2. Ok thanks, that's great. Whilst we're here (in a manner of speaking), which company would you recommend for the card? I've got a choice of Asus, Sapphire, XFX, Powercolor?

    Not sure what's bundled in with them...I'll try and find out.
  3. Oh got MSI as well. that's a 1GB. And there's a Gigabyte 1GB card too.
  4. XFX has a good warranty, but at the level of an HD5670, you could just go with whatever is cheapest, or whichever looks the best for you.

    Personally I'd grab this one because it's only $10 more than the least expensive, and is better.
  5. Haha, thanks buddy, I would if I lived in the USA. However I'm in a screwed up little country called England. It's lovely, but what a mess at the moment.
    Thanks for your help!
  6. A asus....
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