HELP Please. OC Q6600 on P5KC @ 3.0 Ghz

System Specs
Processor - Q6600 2.4 Ghz
Motherboard - ASUS P5KC (BIOS version 1203)
RAM - 4GB DDR3 (x1)
Graphic Card - Sapphire 6770 1GB GDDR5
HDD - WD Caviar Green 1TB
PSU - Cooler Master 460 W

As you can see my processor is quite old and runs at 1066 FSB (stock) so I tried OCing it to 1333 Mhz FSB that is 3.0 Ghz basically to get the most out of my RAM (1333 MHz w/o OC) but even at 2.7 Ghz (300x9) my idle temperature is around 55 to 60 while prime 95 pushes it to as high as 81. Intel recommends a max temperature of 71 for my processor. At 3.0 Ghz my system gets really unstable, prime95 would give errors plus taking the temp as high as 91 degree before I killed the power out of fright :D

I tried googling the combo of P5KC + Q6600 Overclock and have seen SO MANY people (enviously >_<) easily overclock it to 3.4 to 3.6 Ghz without any substantial change in temp (less than 60 sometimes even 40 when Idle) which is even less than my idle temperature at 2.7 GHz !!! I live in Karachi and my room temperature these days is in b/w 25 and 30 degree. Plus my casing has two additional fans OTHER than those on CPU, GPU and PSU, inshort its quite ventilated. Im quite sure the problem is in my BIOS settings, most of which I set to Auto as I have no idea what they mean D: Its the first time I tried OCing CPU.


Following are my current BIOS settings:

AI overclock Tuner
set to MANUAL

CPU Ratio Setting - AUTO
FSB Strap to North Bridge - AUTO
FSB Frequency - 300
PCIE Frequency - AUTO
DRAM Frequency - 1202
DRAM Command Rate - 1N
DRAM Timing Control - AUTO
DRAM Static Read Control - AUTO
DRAM Dynamic Write Control - AUTO
Adjust CHA SKEW Support - AUTO
Adjust CHB SKEW Support - AUTO
Transaction Booster - AUTO

CPU Voltage - AUTO
CPU PLL Voltage - AUTO
FSB Termination Voltage - AUTO
DRAM Voltage - AUTO
NB Voltage - AUTO
Clock Over-charging Voltage - AUTO
Load-line Calibration - AUTO
CPU GTL Voltage Reference - AUTO
NB GTL Voltage Reference - AUTO
CPU Spread Spectrum - AUTO
PCIE Spread Spectrum - AUTO

I did try lowering the CPU Voltage but then either the system gives BSOD or hangs at too low voltage OR there is no difference in temperature. Please let me know what settings to use ABOVE to lower my system temperature. And do I need changing anything for the RAM, I guess NOT :S Im pretty sure leaving most of it to AUTO is the problem. Oh and I use CPU-Z to check the clocks frequency etc and Core Temp for temperature plus my Graphic Card is at less than 40 when idle so it doesnt contribute a lot of heat in the casing.
Thank you :)
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  1. assuming your ram is 800mhz, change the frontside bus to 400. that will give you 3.2ghz i think.
  2. neon neophyte said:
    assuming your ram is 800mhz, change the frontside bus to 400. that will give you 3.2ghz i think.

    My RAM is 1333 Mhz but my processors stock clock is 1066 FSB, thats why I want to overclock it to get 1333Mhz which would give a significant performance boost provided even my RAM would then work at full potential. But I am getting heat issues which are WAAYY higher than it should be, and I know im using the stockcooler still its abnormally high. I overclocked till just 2.7 Ghz and even then the temps are 58 idle and 86 with prime95 !!That is what i DONT understand ? :/
  3. You should Never overclock with CPU voltage on auto. I would run CPU-z with everything at stock. Run prime 95 to see what you're getting at full load voltge. Then go back to the bios and set that value. Once you did that, start overclocking slowly until you get a prime error( make sure round off checking is checked I. Option). Then you can add small amounts of voltage as you continue to keep stable if needed. You should t need much more than stock volts for 3.0 if at all.
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