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Hi I recently bought a computer it arrived a few days ago and sicne then it has sufferd a fatal error after loosing all video output from the Base unit to the monitor I updated my graphic drivers beleiving that this may be the cuase of the problem after doing this I tested a game while loading I lost all video and the sound froze as well I was forced to restart my computer while in this state. When I attempted to restart it I had no video output at all and there was no BIOS check and no boot sound this leaves me to beleive that there is now a problem there or with the motherboard itself I have a decent understanding of computer hardware and thus far cannot see any damaged componants can some one please help me.

There is also a constant supply of power to the board so this is not a problem.

system specs( Taken from the invoice)

Multi-Format Memory Card Reader -(52-in-1 Internal)
7.1 High Definition onboard sound card - for 8 Channel Cinema sound
ASUS PCE-N13 Internal 802.11N WiFi Adapter - 300Mbps
950W X-Power Desktop Power Supply
Akasa Freedom Tower Heat pipe quiet cooling, CPU Overclocking, specialist cabling
ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 TurboV ATX Mainboard - AMD 890GX CrossFireX- AM3, DDR3
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition Processor - 125W AM3 (3.2-3.6GHz)
Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium
Blu-Ray Combo Optical Drive (12x BD-R Read, 16x DVD Writer)
1GB ATI Radeon HD5850 Graphics Accelerator
G.Skill 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Memory (2x4GB*** )
1.5TB Serial ATA 2 Hard Drive with 32MB Buffer
22x SATA Dual Layer DVD-Rewritable Super Format ±R/±RW/RAM
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  1. Remove the motherboard battery with the system off for about one minute, then reinstall. This will reset the bios, and may restore your video. If windows loads, uninstall the video driver in the control panel under "programs and features". When everything is working again, I wouldn't change anything or flash the bios. I usually have the best luck with the original video driver that comes with the cd.
  2. i Have attempted this several times now and it refuses to anything still.
  3. Only item left is to reseat all the cords; power supply, video lead to the board, and power cord to the monitor.
  4. ? could you please expand on this i have alredy unpluged evry thing from the power supply and plugged it back in.
  5. If you've tried it all, then you're done. You can request an rma from asus or the builder of your system, whichever you prefer.
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