$850 dream gaming pc

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Hope to be this month


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming and college homeworks but if it can do gaming it can do like everything right? Im not into design.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Monitor,Case got a haf 932,Heatsink,Keyboard,Mouse,OS

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Im not from USA so i can't buy from newegg, mostly compusa

PARTS PREFERENCES: I have always used Intel(had a core2duo e8400 but gave it to my father), but some say amd is cheaper and about the same, so if the price can go down to get a better videocard it's fine. ATI's 5XXX series at the moment now, dissapointed with Nvidias new cards.

OVERCLOCKING: No, i dont know how to, i have read alot but dont feel sure to do it, im not rich to go and buy another processor if it gets messed.

CROSSFIRE: Maybe, if psu allow it.


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: My last pc had a StealthXStream ocz 700 watts psu...i did think it's good but after an extense gaming session the power supply was loud and will not slow down as it was before i started gaming, so im searching for a silent psu. I had a sound blaster audigy sound card but im not sure if i need a sound card with todays motherboards integrated sound card.
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  1. Can you give links to some local shops in your country?
  2. The above computer does not have a case ^.^
  3. u suggest DROp that CORSIAR to a 550TX save lot of money + u dont need 650 ^.^ and get a antec300 :O u should be sweet to kick some BUTT ONLINE
  4. he doesnt need a case :)
  5. Go for the 800 series mobos and smack in a HD 5850 ^^

    If you set on OCing get the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ ?
    edit: from Egg USA but even if not for ya guess could be useful to others hehe
    Asrock and its UCC (Unlock CPU Core) 800 series!
  6. I looked through the whole 600W+ COMPUSA PSU list, the 500W - 600W list only has a few 80+ certified, quality brand PSUs, even though 500W is enough for HD 5770 CrossFireX, remember that 500W/550W = 91% load, which will probably increase the fan speeds to crazy levels, and OP wants a silent PSU.

    Thus, there are these possible choices, from lowest price to highest price:

    OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W - $59.99 w/$20 rebate (80+ Certified, modular, two PCI-e cables, one 6 pin, one 6+2 pin)

    OCZ Z650 Z 650W PSU - $89.99 w/$10 rebate (80+ Silver, two PCI-e cables, one 6 pin, one 6+2 pin)

    Cooler Master Silent Pro M600 600W - $92.99 (80+ Bronze, modular, two 6+2 pin PCI-e cables)

    Corsair TX650W - $99.99 w/$10 rebate (80+ Bronze, two 6+2 pin PCI-e cables)

    Silverstone Strider SST-ST60F 600W - $99.99 (80+ Bronze, modular, five PCI-e cables, four 6 pin, one 8 pin)

    Corsair HX650W - $109.99 w/$10 rebate (80+ Bronze, modular, four 6+2 pin PCI-e cables)

    Ultra X4 600W Modular - $119.99 (80+ Bronze, modular, fully modular, two PCI-e cables, one 6 pin, one 6+2 pin)
  7. Wow thanks alot for the answers i really appreciate them, im looking at both of the builds, and yup i dont need a case i got a HAF 932.

    Im at Mexico and we do have alot of PC shops but i dont like their prices and they dont do OC stuff like in the USA, plus they dont sell 5XXX series yet, some do but a 5770 is for $240 on here.

    And nice one Lmeow for the PSU's list
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