Which Motherboard should I buy?


I am building a new PC .Specs as follows

Intel i5 760
Nvidia GTX 460 1 GB
4 GB DDR/DDR RAM (depends on MOBO)
500 GB Hard disk
750 watts PSU

I need some suggestions on a motherboard ,on which I can SLI my 460 , which is about $125 in price

MOST IMPORTANT-- should I buy these before release of sandy bridge?
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  1. If you want sandy bridge, then wait to order everything except ram, which is cheap right now. Sandy bridge is socket 1155; it won't work with current socket 1156 motherboards. Newegg has an asrock sandy bridge board now. Intel wants your $$; they usually require a new board chipset/socket with major releases.
  2. 1) You will be hard press to find an SLI board for under $125. Here are options...

    2) I agree with oldie on waiting for Sandy Bridge and what comes of it and prices of the older Intel platforms.
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    Don't order ANYTHING if you're waiting for P67 MOBO. You want to make certain that the RAM is compatible per MOBO; the 4GB sticks especially - to a lesser degree the 2GB sticks. I've noticed that DDR3 RAM has been dropping in price; some high quality Corsair has dropped as much as 25% in the past week.

    I've seen some P67 MOBOs listed for sale e.g. P8P67 PRO Obviously, the LGA 1155 socket is NOT compatible with the LGA 1156 CPUs.

    I 'wish' Intel would, they could, have better reverse compatibility like the AM3 socket...but it's always something to wish for none the less.
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