SPDIF pin out on a cheap sound card: please recommend

I have a GTS 250 in a media center. The mobo has no SPDIF for internal audio pass through. Please recommend a cheap sound card. Infact, The cheapest you can that will not make things sound like the teachers from Charlie Brown coming out of my TV.

Thank you!
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  1. Anything with spdif out will work for your purposes, you could just check out newegg's lineup and sort by price.
  2. I have done so. Most cards do not seem to have the SPDIF pins as an out put. Usually just CD AUX in put. Also, newegg does not seem to list SPDIF out as a feature worth mentioning in a searchable way.
  3. I found a card with SPDIF out. The sound blaster live mod # ct4830. First, No x64 win 7 drivers. That was problem # 1. problem #2 was that creative tries to convince people that out dated cards need to be replaced. They DENIED the SPDIF existed on this card like i wanted it to. They said it would basically only work with the front panel. LIE is a strong word. The technician probably just was oblivious, but still, it was there. I just installed XP pro x32 and now i have a dandy lan and HTPC. Thanks for your input guys. Its all appreciated.
  4. The Soundblaster Live digital minijack output is not spdif compliant and are overvolted. You are free to try, but they are not marked as safe to use with A/V receivers (per Creative) and use with caution.
  5. worst case scenario? probably blown TV speakers. Who cares about blown LCD speakers. They sound like an over amped headset.
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