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V6 Gt better with 1 or 2 Fan plug

Greetings! :)

Yesterday bought a Cooler Master V6 GT and realized that include an adapter to convert the 2 fan plugs in 1.

I have an Asus Sabertooth R2 that has 2 inputs for CPU fan, so I would like to ask which is better?

Connect the two fans in 1 with the adapter, or connect them separately????

Thank you!
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    whats the point of connecting them both to one connector? It seems like it would have to share the power limits of that connector between two fans...

    I say as far as you have the option of connecting the fans to two separate connectors use it. Connect the fans to the two different connectors. Plus that would allow you better and more accurate control over the fan speed in your bios.

    I would keep that converter as last resort in case I didn't have enough fan connectors on the motherboard...
  2. that was the first that i think but i want ask to the experts because i dont want to ruin it ;)
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