Is my mobo or CPU the problem here?

Hello, this is the second time I have setup a computer. The problem I'm having is that everything turns on for maybe half a second. The cpu fans, case fans, video card fans, as well as their respective lights. But it's only for possibly half a second.

I removed everything but the processor, power supply, and 1 stick of ram. I attempted to boot and there was still no go. There is a jumper switch to reset all the data on my mobo to default and I have done it. Mind you this system has yet to see any post. I also get no sounds or error beeps when it tries to boot.

Just maybe half a second of lights and it's off again. Can anyone help?

Edit - Added components.

Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
Power supply: CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX <- works in my old computer that I switched it from the very same day. It also worked when I switched it back.
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  1. Here is a good troubleshooting guide to review:

    I would first make sure you have your 8pin ATX plugged in by the CPU than follow the rest of the tips...
  2. I've gone through the list with no luck. Afterwards I decided to drive up to my local computer store and they also checked out my power supply. The voltages and all of the readings were correct. I then asked him about the fact that my processor had a few slightly bent pins. If this would change anything. He said he'd seen processors with numerous pins bent in several directions and they still functioned.

    On a side note, it almost seems like the 8-pin plug is not getting any power given to it. When the power supply is installed to it that is. Is there a chance my mobo was DOA? Apparently with my model it was rather common, or at least according to those ordering it on newegg.
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