SSD worth just for boot drive?

you guys probably get this a lot and im sorry if this gets repetitive but is an 60gb ssd worth just for boot drive/important programs such as antivirus and others.

ill have a 1t hdd for me storage.

again sorry if this question is repetitive :)
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  1. I would say yes. It will greatly improve your bootup and shutdown time. It will also make native OS operations that require HD access faster. I have a 128gb SSD it is only half full. Just have Windows 7, browsers and my two favorite games on it. The rest I install on my 2TB HDD.
  2. Only you can answer that question, you just need some info to base that choice on.
    1) SSDs
    .. Decrease Loading the OS and Programs considerably, Bot My I5-2500k (with 128 gig Samsung 830 and My i5-2410M, laptop, with a Curcial M4 load the operating system in approximatly 15 Second. Programs load almost instantaniously.
    .. Any file, that is on the SSD, will be loaded at the speed of Lightning (well almost).

    .. An SSD will NOT A) increase FPS in game play, will not increase the speed a program operates at, will not speed up downloads, nor web broosing. B) lood files that are on the HDD faster.

    That said the vast majority, that have a SSD will aggree, once you have it, NO going back to a HDD.

    2) I know that the price of 60 gigs is enticing, But many live to regreat not getting a larger one.
    .. All three of my systems with windows 7, normal programs, a few extra and NO GAMES occupy about 30 -> 40 gigs. And that is after employing space saving tweaks such as disabling hibernation, limiting page file to 1024 mb, and disabling restore points. Yes this is less than 60 gigs. BUT>
    .. 60 gigs = 56 gigs in real life (Manuf way of counting), Then subtract a Min of 6 gigs (me - I'd subtract 10 gigs) this is space that MUST NOT be used so that wear leveling, Garbage collect (GC), and Trim can work your Magic - that leaves about 46 ->50 gigs for YOU.
    .. I normally recommend 80 to 90 gigs as a Min and depending on # of games a 120/128 gig is a good size.. recommend
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