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So I have a Dell Dimension 4700 case and right now the video card I have is running a bit too hot for my liking. It's using the stock fans and I was wondering is there any downside to running it with it on it's side with the side panel off? I figured the cpu would still get the airflow it needs due to the green air funnel the connects to the cpu fan but am I wrong?
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  1. You could get fans that move more air. I can't imagine the factory fans are of very high quality. Also try dusting it out with some computer cleaner.
  2. Seeing as you have a dell case I think a better option would be to buy an after market cooler for your video card.

    What model is it?

    Also if your up to it you could mod the case since buying a new case is out of the question (mobo incompatibility).
  3. afaik he has this case
    the only fans are the psu fan and the cpu/case fan.

    1. you could put a pci slot fan in there

    2. you could replace the current CPU/Case fan with one of higher airflow (but a little more noise).

    3. mod in another fan somewhere

    4. leave off the case side <-- may actually increase temps, and is NOT recommended

    b4 you do all this, try cleaning out all the dust. and btw, what card at what temps?
  4. 9500gt 1gb
    61C idle
    76 max

    Without case
    51-53 idle
    roughly 63-66 max

    That and it's lowered the temp on my HDD but those are the only sensors and I don't know about the CPU but from what I can tell the heat sink never gets terribly hot and I can still feel air moving from the funnel.
  5. those temps for the graphics card are fine.
    the hard drive temps dont really matter - actually i have heard that there are no advantages to putting a cooling fan to cool the hard drive.
  6. GeForce cards tend to run quite warm, it's just how they are. You don't need to worry about those temperatures.
  7. 76c at load is a normal temp, you are worried over nothing
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