First build won't boot up,but the fans would?

Hey i just got my corsair HX 750 and Coolermaster Haf 922 today
so i decided to schange my old system into the new case and brand new psu, with the rest of my parts coming later
ga - 945GCM -
so i finished it and the system won't boot, strangely the fans did turn, though it was running slow and not constant

I was having problems with the front panel connections and general cable placements =(

It's a Gigabyte motherboard

please ask anaything to make myself clearer

also is it possible to damage the PSU?

edit: after tweaking around with the front panel connection, nothing would boot anymore, not even the fans are turning

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  1. read it no result =/
  2. Reading it doesn't do any good. You have to actually perform EVERY step in the checklist. :)
  3. yeah i tried...
  4. aclipse said:

    edit: after tweaking around with the front panel connection, nothing would boot anymore, not even the fans are turning


    I don't mean to be blunt -well, yes I do :), RTFM. If you can't find the motherboard manual, you can download a copy from the manufacturer's site. there's no excuse for "Tweaking around with the front panel connection".
  5. When the fan only was turning on, I got the front panel connections wrong. Then I followed the motherboard manual which got me to where I'm at. Nothing turnns on
  6. There are only a few things that could be wrong - one of them being the way you connected the front panel to the board.

    You could have something wrong with one of your components, but it's entirely possible that it's something small.

    If it were me, I'd try to follow those steps - reseat everything (especially the graphics card), possibly try a different card. I'd redo those connection from the front panel too.

    Is the CPU fan spinning? The graphics card fan spinning? Have you tried it with only one stick of RAM? Tried the one stick in all the memory slots?

    If that didn't work, I'd think about rebuilding it from scratch - take all the parts out and do it from the beginning.
  7. the computer won't turn on AT ALL
    so no led lights whatsoever, won't even make it to POST

    what im thinking is that i might damage the motherboard?
    even though i was working on a soft tile floor and touched the case repeatedly, i didn't really use an anti-static wristband

    plus i was told that touching the back of the motherboard can seriously damage it by electrocuting it or something...
  8. It could be the board, but you had said that things were spinning before.

    If you can test another board, that would probably be good.
  9. it was spinning, but not anymore...
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