Help on a Geforce 280 problem.

Hey guys..any input would be appreciated. Thanks

Heres what I have first off:

6 gigs
intel i7 2.6
750 watt psu
Gigabyte mobo
Geforce 280 gtx

Ok well I have this problem everytime my power goes out, and I was able to fix it the last 2 times.

My power goes out, I will reboot, everything appears fine I'm still at max res and everything then when I go to play a PC game my screen will go into a bunch of crazy random colors and after about 5 seconds it will freeze, shutoff, then the monitor will say no video is connected.

What I did to fix it the last 2 times is just switch the cord between the 2 ports in the back of the card. This time I can't get that to work. I have also tried switching to new 6/8 pin pci-e cords. Still messed up.

My temperatures are fine, all my stuff is up to date and seated properly into the pc.

Any ideas? I won't be able to test it in another computer because I am going out of town for 4 months very soon.
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  1. Quick question about what do you mean by your power going out, system power or whole house?
  2. power to my whole building
  3. Sounds like corrupted files.....ya have system restore active ? Some suggestions

    1. Restore to a previous save point
    2. Get A UPS (true sine wave if your PSU has active PFC)
    3. Uninstall video drivers, reboot, clean registry of all things w/ nvidia / ATI in it, reboot, install new drivers
  4. deadhaven said:
    power to my whole building

    As the other poster had said it is best to have or get a ups (don't like the short run time mod it with a 12v deep cycle marine battery). Start checking each part to rule out any thing and every thing. It might come down to the card, test it in another pc if possible.
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