Momentus XT will not boot windows 7 on it's own

I've just bought a hybrid SSD, a seagate momentus XT 500gb with the latest 2.8 firmware. I installed windows 7 on it from my other standard sata 7200rpm hard drive (I have no CD/DVD drive) but when I remove my old hard drive and try to boot the hybrid SSD up *on it's own*, I receive a "disk book failure, insert system disk and press enter" message on my screen but when I connect it up with the old drive, it boots up fine, what is going on? :heink:

Do I need to install windows 7 from boot up instead (something to do with the mbr as well?)
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  1. Could it be because the drive letter is "D" and not "C"?
  2. I solved the problem, I used ultimate boot manager and made the D drive on my hybrid "bootable" in the partition manager.
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