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So, far I have read mixed things about weather or not it is okay to mix ram brands. I was wondering, because newegg has a promo on these, and I have these, they have the same timings and every thing, I am not concerned with the voltages, I was wondering if they would work. Yes I realize that there is only a $4 difference between the two.
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    You're kidding...Get another "Matching" set of the A-DATA Gaming Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model AX3U1600GB2G9-2G save yourself $100 in aggravation.
  2. lol, I said I realize that its only $4, but I like saving money, I might as well just get the adata.
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  4. The IC's are different and too often I see 8-10 times a day 'seemingly' matched RAM that simply won't work or worst requires extraordinary BIOS hacking to get it to work properly.

    Per my Grandmother - Penny wise and Dollar foolish...
  5. bwsx4xlyf3 said:
    lol, I said I realize that its only $4, but I like saving money, I might as well just get the adata.

    Yep - get the ADATA to match what you already have --- esp since they are rated at different voltages (not sure why you say you're not worried about the voltages - when that is the main difference between them and the part that might make for instability if mixed)
  6. Ooh, you are right, I saw 1.5-1.75v, when it is really 1.55 for the ADATA, and the G.Skill says 1.5v I assumed that they were just advertising the lower voltage. Thank you.
  7. Most RAM has an operational voltage range ±0.1~±0.25v; 5/100ths doesn't phase me, but a 1.65v & 1.5V sets 'can' be a problem.

    The number 1 reason is IC and chips/side; they probably would work together but ideally you want all of your RAM cloned and Certified/Tested for your MOBO.

    Something to think about CAS 9 {fragile environment} is 9/billionths of a second -- imagine different IC's bandwidths screwing with such a small measure of time.
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