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Okay So I am building a computer, my first at that and have a couple questions on how my airflow should be. My case is a Corsair 500R, it has two intake fans on the front, one on the side, and one exhaust fan in the back. Where my question comes into play is I also have an Corsair H100i Water Cooler and it says that I should make those two fans connected to the radiator (on the top) be intake for best results. I know that it way too much intake for the little amount of exhaust. What does everyone suggest I do?
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  1. it won't make much difference performance wise to make the fans exhaust out the top and thats what i'd do instead of dumping heat in the case, if you wanted with that set up you can make the back fan an intake too blowing cool air under the h100i, I wouldn't worry about it been too much intake your psu and gpu will all be exhausting air too so its always good to supply them with enough air
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