Seagate freeagent go flex??????

i currently have a 320GB free agent that is full i have over 1 tb of music/movies/programs on my computer atm i want to back them up i want to go big

im wana buy a 3 tb agent and im not sure what 1 i should go for!!!
i want it simple plug it in and transfer data on it then unplug it and im wondering if this is it

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk 3TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive

i watched the video and reviews so i figure i would ask peoples on toms they been very helpful
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  1. I use two of them, both 3TB. One as storage, the other as backup.

    3TB is a ton of space. Unfortunately, this also means that if the drive fails, you stand to lose a ton of data. Hence running two. Always have a back up. The downside is obviously having to spend double. But if you value your files, it's worth it.

    Just last week, someone on here had a 2TB GoFlex fail and lost 10 years of family pics. Hard drives aren't fail-proof. Browse the reviews at newegg and you'll find that regardless of manufacturer, internal, external, etc... drives can fail.

    I haven't had any issues with mine.
  2. I actually purchased the 3tb one off amazon cuz it was on sale for 149.99.

    Per one reviewer's suggestion, I ran a full checkdisk on it and found unrepairable sectors on it. I was bummed out cuz it took 31 hours to do the test...but I sent it back to amazon right away and they're already shipping me my new one. Hopefully it'll be ok.

    I also recommend getting a second external hard drive as a back-up. You can kind of predict when your hard drive is gonna fail, but it's always nice to have that added sense of security knowing you have a back-up.
  3. ya i got what ur saying but i can either back up just 1 tb of crap or back up my hole pc.. either way its backed up im deffly buying 3 tb

    im just wondering if its just has easy has pluging it in and transfer then unpluging
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