Good Diagnostic tool???

I Just recently built a AMD system and would like to know a good Diagnostic tool to use to determine the cause of BSOD. My syatem temps are good. 955CPU @ 3.2 ghz does not exceed 50 at load. My HD 4870 does not exceed 65 C. I have run prime 95 for about 30 min without incident yet i still occasionally get bsod. How can i diagnose what the problem is?

CM 212+
955 3.2ghz
4870 1 gb
650w antec
Gigabyte 860g ud3h
4gb ADATA 1600
1tb Samsung f3
OS win7 64bit

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Try Memtest86 to determine if your ram is ok.
    Test with one stick at a time.
    If you have a faulty stick this could be a cause of bsod's.
    Another cause could be your gpu drivers.
  2. Ok ill try memtest 84.
    I also believe i downloaded all the layest drivers for the vid card...
  3. Download DriverSweeper
    run in safe mode
    check off ATI click clean
    run last stable version of CCC
    if none of that works clear your CMOS
    it might be corrupted
    you'll have to readjust a few bios settings after
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