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First oc, been reading a bit on overclocking however still trying to wrap my brain around when to stop tweaking and start tweaking.

Still using stock voltage, but ive read that on speedfan that temp 2 and 3 are nb temps. Do they have a max temp? When i took the ss they were sitting there for about 2 mins. My heatsink is a hyper 212 evo. I understand you stop when the cores fail, but then what? You change the voltage and move them up slightly right? To me this setup seems stable, and still new to it, is there anything I should be alarmed at these pictures so far? :sweat:

By the way using prime95
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  1. nothing alarming lol it looks good your starting off right taking it slowly not rushing into high voltages not knowing what your doing and then wondering why your having trouble, you should post in the AMD overclocking club thread have a read back a little bit as well as you'll see what others have done and in general there is good info there but your sure to get a response with some great info for tweaking and getting the best from your chip
  2. What about my core temps? i read that max should be 61. Also trying out occt because some people have been saying prime95 and the mobo dont have a good friendship lol. running occt right now (im on my laptop) core temps 1-8 (im guessing thats the socket temp right?) are at about 43.5 max and im at 11 mins on my 15 min test. My core temp is peaked at 44. Which is the better test that i should trust more? Obviously getting lower temps with occt making me want to go higher. How much oc should i expect going with a hyper 212 evo

    BTW i am at 4.220 MHz
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