P6x58d-e or Sabertooth

Hey, everyone. Just was wondering what everyone thoughts are on the two boards and which is the better value. I've seen that both will provide solid overclocks and have looked at the features but I'm still not quite sure what they mean in the real world (as opposed to benchmarks) The link is a comparison between the two.


The biggest differences I saw were:

2-way vs 3Way crossfire (planning 2x Sapphire 6870-SR2)

The Audio Chipset: Realtek ALC889 vs Realtek ALC892

The Lan Chipset: Realtek 8110SC vs Marvell 88E8056.

The rest of the system plan is

i7 950
crossfired 6870s
60gb mushkin ssd boot drive
500 GB Momentus XT
Corsair TX750
Haf 932
6GB 1600Mhz ram
Monitor: Asus 1920x1080
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  1. Running just two GPU's, the Sabertooth is the better deal... IMO

    The one additional plus for the P6X58D-E is True 16+2 Phase Power Design versus the 8+2 of the Sabertooth but I wouldn't say that alone is worth the extra cost.
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