Gateway fx 6800-01e - shuts down and doesnt reboot

Yesterday i was playing Call of duty and my computer shut down, when i attempted to reboot it, it wouldnt all it did was make a loud beeeeeeeeeeeep...... I unplugged the computer and let it sit for awhile and then tryed to boot it up again, i started up just fine like nothing was wrong, untill i tested out call of duty again, about 3 min playing it died again and wouldnt re boot. Now im guessing its an issue with my video card possibly over heating? im not computer wiz so any suggestions would be great!
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  1. First check your CPU and GPU temperatures. If those are normal while playing Call of Duty the next step is to test to make sure you do not have defective hardware. There are several software solutions that test the CPU and GPU so take your pick. For CPU I prefer Prime95 myself.
  2. complete system specs, please.... :)
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