Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3 DDR 800 Issues

I've been a home builder/enthusiast for years, but I've never run into a problem like this before. Anyway, system specs (Nothing is overclocked):

Athlon 64 X2 5200+
Gigabte GA-MA770-DS3 Motherboard, running F7 Bios
Geforce 8600GT
Logitech Media Keyboard elite
Logitech MX310 Mouse
SBLIve Audigy X2
WD Raptor 74
WD Raptor 37 (old school)
WD Caviar 160J

The issue I have has happened with two different types of RAM. I started out with Crucial Ballistix BL12864AA804, 2x 1GB sticks, which are on the Gigabyte website as "recommended". It was on sale then with a rebate for like $30 for a set of 2, so I got it. Then I started having stability issues running it in DDR800. I didn't know as much as I do now so I didn't really check the voltage, and ordered two more sticks (they were cheap) and put them in. Well, same issue so I figured the problem was that the voltage supplied by the motherboard wasn't enough for the 2.2V that the modules require for DDR800 performance. If I upped the voltage manually, it would top out at 2.135 volts, and then suddenly my USB keyboard wouldn't work in the CMOS. so I decided to clock them down to 667 (actually like 650 due to CPU speed) and just live with it. That was fine for 2 years.

Well, I just decided to max out my system, and am moving up to win7 64-bit from XP 32 bit, so I figured I would get more ram. I picked up 4 2GB sticks of G.Skill Ram FS-6400CL5, and threw them in. As these modules run at 1.8V for DDR800 speed, I figured my problems were over.


I am currently running fine in windows, but I have had to move my keyboard back to the PS/2 port as it will not function in the CMOS or on the boot menu screen when it is attached to the USB port. I have USB Keyboard and Mouse support enabled in the CMOS, so I am puzzled. If i run the ram at DDR667 I have no issues, but if I put it up to DDR800, this always happens. So far the ram seems to be stable running at DDR800, and I haven't had any hangs or reboots, but I'd really like to know what the deal is with the USB and DDR 800.
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  1. Crucial Ballistix is complete crap. I had a set go bad 3 times, finally I just got Corsair ram.

    By the way your talking about DDR2, not DDR.

    What are you using for a power supply? Make and model.
  2. I was using an Antec Smartpower 500, but that started developing issues where it had to "warm up" for a minute before it would actually be able to turn on. It was at that time 5 years old, so I figured the caps were starting to go or something. It was replaced a month ago with an Antec True Power 650. I have had the same problem with both PSUs.

    The ballistix yes I have heard the reviews. But I was trying at that time to stick to Gigabytes recommended memory. It was stable at the higher voltage but the USB weirdness made me under clock it down to 667.

    I have checked with CPUID and the G skill ram is running at 385MHZ at 1.8V with no issues, other than the fact that the USB keyboard won't work. USB mouse seems fine.
  3. have you tried the keyboard in a different usb port?

    have you tried another keyboard?
  4. I don't know how it never occurred to me to plug the keyboard into a different port. I moved it down to the next group of 2, and now it works. I'll be darned. I just don't get why what speed I run my memory would have anything to do with that. the keyboard only draws 100mA from USB power.

    Issue resolved I guess, though cause still unknown.
  5. amd's cpus have built in memory controllers and have limitations depending on how much ram you use and how many sticks of ram you have installed. I have 4x2gig ocz fatality ddr2 1066 and a phenom ii 940. I have to run it at 800mhz because the cpu cant handle 1066 speeds when 8 gigs is installed.

    odds are there isnt anything really wrong with your system, just a hardware limitation with your cpu.
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