Computer tower dropped, p5n-D no longer posts! need help immediatly

Hello, while I was doing some research I accidenttly kicked over my computer tower and it fell on the floor. Afterwards, it no longer posts. I noticed whenever I start the computer up the GPU fan goes on fullblast and it doesnt stop until the computer is off. I tried to reset the bios by pulling the battery and the cmos out, and I checked for any loose connections but nothing works.

I absouletely need help immediately, I am in finals week and I have my finals in 2 days for college. If I do not get this up and running, I will be completely screwed. If someone can offer some advice I'd greatly appreciate it. I have a p5n-D motherboard.

Please help.
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  1. Newegg still carries your board, and offers overnite shipping if you can use them. They only ship to usa and canada. Otherwise, check ebay in your part of the world. I would still open the case and turn it sideways and see if any loose parts come out. Then reseat the 24 pin atx connector, and look again for loose connections. You can try borrowing another power supply and hardrive and hook them up to see if that helps you get the post screen.
  2. I could do overnight but I wouldnt get it untill monday, and I have all my finals that day. I unmounted the board and checked for any damages and I dont see any, and there are no loose connections after checking again.
  3. I think it may be the PSU since the GPU is overheating or fan is running on max speed at start. I have an XFX 750Watt Black edition. Is there anyways I can fix a psu issue?
  4. Was the system running when you knocked it over? If so, the hard drive may be trashed.

    Does the system POST? Do you get any beeps out of it?

    XFX makes a pretty good PSU. I doubt if simply knocking the PC over wiould damage a PSU.
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