Double check this build

sorry bout the smallness was trying to fit it in one screen the total was about 650 rebates put it right under 600 if i recall
i figure that's as cheap as i'm going to get it while maintaining a reasonable performance point.

if you guys wouldn't mind could you look over this one more time for me to make sure everything is compatible and that i didn't make any stupid mistakes/ choices. i read through alot of stuff and whitefang gave me some perspective, only issues i can see is

the power supply whitefang/others have recommended this combo but im alittle skeptical about the ocz brand and the corsair had a discount although this build prolly wont use anywhere near 650w

2nd im prolly gonna stick with the 4850 but im pretty sure i could get away with the 4670, 4650 as the gaming i will be doing will prolly be rts games and *maybe* alittle fps

4th im not sure about cases i see a bunch of names thrown around mainly antec 300 900 but i feel those are kinda around were im aiming

budget case apex vortex 360
mid end raidmax quantum
mid end1 coolermaster 690
mid end2 azza solano 1000
mid+ thermaltake v9
mid+1 nzxt tempest
mid+2 storm scout (newegg no free ship atm on this)

ive seen recommendations + checked reviews and they all are about the sameish my preference goes to the haf 922 (i also like the thermaltake v9 and the storm scout) and i put in some recommended and cheap

i liked the toolless drive bays /fans / black insides /sideways harddrive slots(seems would be easier to manage once the mobo is in) /ways to manage cables /time savers /filters

yea rant thread#2 over- but as i have no experience with any computer parts/things and my current computer is almost 10 yrs old i figured i better ask people who actually know what there talking about or have personal experience with these parts - thanks to whitefang and the other person who posted in my other thread - anything i missed lmk - ill try to post up some pics after i get this build done although they may be cameraphone pics as my camera hates me - rant really over ;)
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  1. I would get the antec 300 for that price budget. And the rana 435 $10 bucks cheaper. 100 mhz faster for $10 isn't worth it IMO.

    every thing else looks good.

    Here's just as good of a PSU for $70. it has a $10 instant promo code. add10
  2. i was thinkin something like that but the antec runs 70$ i figured for 80-90 i could get a better case on my list and i get more features(fans, toolless design, prettier insides/outsides) and slightly more room if i wanna upgrade or keep the case for another build.

    ill change the cpu thnx

    and idk why newegg doesn't show the rebates but that corsair actually has a 20$ rebate and with that it is the same cost as the one you suggested (and corsair is a better brand???)

    also there's alot of case deals with ocz brand psus they seem to have good reviews 70%+ 5* but ive seen some bad reviews for other ocz products so im not sure if there company is bad or just some of there products
    the ocz 600+ watts come for like 20-30$ in combo deals after rebates( only with the storm scout and haf922 ) but those were my first choices

    thanks for helping, seems noone else is interested in the non-"L337" builds :??:
  3. Your PSU is way too powerful. If the PC is also for gaming, get a cheaper PSU (and case) and get a HD 5770.
  4. that may be right i assumed it was just a the more the better thing... these are some of the case+ psu i was speaking about
    all around 105$ ( +shipping for the storm scout) (which is less then the 60$ psu + the Antec 70$) .... but the tradeoff is a better case for a ocz psu ?? still not sure ? anyone have experience with the ocz brand psus? they have pretty good reviews and are 80+ certified with 3 year limited warranty

    Storm Scout
    Storm Scout2
    Haf 922
    Haf 922 2

    as far as the graphics goes... im going to be doing gaming.... but not really gaming by anyone else's standards..... prolly just very low requirement strategy games "starcraft-Starcraft2, warcraft" and possibly something else like a fps... but i doubt i would even need the 4850

    new final??? build list?
  5. case used was the haf 922...the storm scout was +20 shipping so...and the thermaltake was 100 with no combo deals

    graphics card i left 4850 i fuigre it was a good medium between the 4650-4670(needed) and the 5770(overkill)

    psu was downed to a 550... not sure if the higher psu is actually a problem... but i think i read that psus that run lower are less efficient?? so it was prolly a good thing you pointed that out

    i checked some of the reviews for ocz ... i think its like 75% 5star so review wise it was good.... and unless i get a fault one it should be fine?? (side note was the long/bad rebate system for ocz... may be bad)(and apparently some of the cables are short)

    case wise its prolly alittle bigger then i would have liked... but it seems like a good case free shipping and with the combo
    case+psu it comes to under 55$ for each case/psu (total like 105$) for 55 i think its better then the antec 300(70$) or the centurion 5 (50$) or the cheap case on my list apex vortex (40)

    total came to 600 and after rebates alittle over 540...
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