Problem with bfg 8800gt oc

I got a bfg 8800gt oc in a hp m9040n pc i have the latest drivers and 630watt psu, my monitor keeps shutting off during gaming. the temperature doesn't go above 75c, also i under-clocked it and it ran kinda good but when it is at factory setting it shuts off could this be a voltage problem or a card error. if there is software to help me determine this can somebody send me a link. any help would be good.
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  1. Try completely disabling the monitor shutdown time within your Power Options in Control Panel. Set it to "Never." You may also want to set the power mode to "High Performance."
  2. did not work it seems as though when i turn the core clock up it shuts down is there anyway to test the card, also if some one could help me set it up manually
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