New PC - HD's come up with wrong drive letters

My old mobo fried, and I bought an Asus Rampage Extreme IV. When I plug in my old SATA C: drive, it comes up as C:, and all is well. But when I plug in one of my other two HDs, which were F: and G: on the old system, they push the C: system drive to another letter, and take over C:, which obviously breaks... well... everything.

Windows won't boot far enough for me to make any changes before it blue screens... if it boots at all. How do I "help" the drives/mobo/BIOS make better decisions? :) Is it as simple as which drives are plugged into which SATA ports?

Any ideas? Anything else you need to know to assist?

Thanks all,
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  1. Make sure C is plugged into Sata 0 or 1 which ever is lower on your motherboard, and set the C drive to be the first boot drive.
  2. Or you can go into bios and set boot order.
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    setting drive letters is done in windows.
    however it sounds like your bios bumps one of the other drives before your OS drive. make sure you select it as the first boot option and SAVE before leaving the bios.

    it really doesn't matter which port you are plugged into but for trouble shooting, setting the boot drive in the first sata port 0 is best.
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