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I've just read the article referred to crossfire and such, here on the forums. Now, my MoBo is Hybrid crossfire ready. The onboard ati chipset is a HD 4200, up to 512 Mb of shared memory. My discrete GPU is an HD 4670 1Gb. As I read, crossfire tends to equal the memory capability of both cards. This will also happen on hybrid crossfire? If not, how do I activate the hybrid crossfire?

And the most important: is this convenient to me?
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    Hybrid crossfire wont help you out at all, it would probably hurt actually, the shared memory is a lot slower than the 4670's, and the IGP is incredibly weak relative to the 4670, it was designed to boost significantly weaker cards.

    Hybrid crossfire isnt really supported beyond the 3470, but it wont help past that performance level anyway.
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  3. understood!

    Thanks U!
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