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My computer is running so slow... I believe it has some sort of virus. What anti-virus would you highly recommend??
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  1. What anti-virus program do you have installed?
    Have you tried running that program in Safe Mode?

    Try Avast Free Antivirus ver 5.0.5.

    Besides a bad case of malware (virus/trojan/spyware/rootkit) another things that could cause a computer to run slow is overheating.
    When was the last time you cleaned out your case?
  2. I use the free version of Avira and I am very happy with it.

    You may also want to run Malwarebytes to catch any spyware.

    If you do have spyware Spybot Search and Destroy is still a great program. When installing I do not turn on the resident protection as I find it a bit intrusive. Just leave the Tea Timer and resident protection unchecked.

    Also CCleaner is a very useful program.

    Last try a good old fashioned defrag. I like this better than the one in Windows. It is also free as are all these programs.
  3. Gotta go with these guy's both top decisions!!
    Avast free initially and follow up with a malwarebytes right afterwards.
    If anything is found use Avast again after selecting boot scan.
    Follow up with Advanced System Care from
    After your sure nothing in bios is behind the slow down.
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