Wanting to get into watercooling sometime in future.

I have been thinking about this for awhile. I have crossed one think off my computer list and that is to build my own computer. Next up is to build my own watercooling loop

I plan to start small, and just cool the cpu.

What i have in mind is the XSPC RayStorm 750 RX240 in the Cooler Master HAF XM

I am in New Zealand and the above things cost $250 and $230 respectively. Max budget of around $500. Cheaper would be awesome

If anyone can give me tips/ cheaper / better options for a first time watercooler, they would be well appreciated.
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  1. Damn, things are expensive on the other side of the Tasman.
    Have you got the HAF-XM already or is it included in the water budget?

    My advice is to get an EX or RS kit, the RX series is a thicker radiator which has mobo clearance issues in the XM's bigger brother the HAF-X, so definitely will want a slim radiator.
    Also a thick rad will require strong fans to reach its full potential, which the XSPC Xinrullian 1650's included in the kit are not I think (their good for slim, low FPI rad usage though).

    You will want to read the water-cooling sticky, it will teach you a lot of the background knowledge and concepts behind water-cooling.
    There is a lot of info in there and it will take a couple of reads for it all to click together.
  2. Thanks for the input. Im open to any case suggestions??
  3. Wow, that works out nice. The RS is $50 cheaper.
  4. RS is an older radiator design, but is still pretty good for the price.
  5. rubix_1011 said:
    RS is an older radiator design, but is still pretty good for the price.

    Could you suggest an alternative then? Also, any cheaper alternatives to the HAF XM? Remember, im in New Zealand so use pricespy.co.nz if you search for me :)
  6. EX series is better and is also slim, but I don't think you can get any 750 pump EX kits, so that raises the price by a good $40.

    You hang around in the Systems forum enough to know that the choice of case is subjective to the person buying, if you want the XM, get the XM. If you find a case you like better, then get it. As long as it can hold a dual rad (which is all you need for a CPU loop) your good on the watercooling aspect.
  7. camohanna said:
    Could you suggest an alternative then? Also, any cheaper alternatives to the HAF XM? Remember, im in New Zealand so use pricespy.co.nz if you search for me :)

    I'll make you a deal:

    If you search for radiators on the site that you think are good based off of your research and understanding of watercooling and post them here, I'll be glad to help you out with my opinions.

    The idea here is to get you to learn about what you are looking for and why so you understand what you are spending your money on.
  8. I had a read through the sticky, and i think i have a moderate understanding of it. I will read a few more times though.

    As to the radiator i have chosen, i decided to go with the XSPC Raystorm 750 RS240, like what manofchalk suggested. It seems that XSPC have made some good kits in their rasa line and Raystorm is supposed to be just as good, if better. I chose it because it has potential to do more and it will keep my cpu nice and cool.

    Is it true that the pump just runs on a molex? I find that hard to believe..
  9. Have been browsing around, and found out about he CM 690 II. For $60 cheaper then the HAF XM i was thinking that it would be a better alternative, plus it has room for two rad's.
  10. That case only fits two 240mm rads on the inside not the 360mm, so if you still wanted to get a 360 rad you would either have to mod the case or mount it externally.
  11. The pump just runs on a Molex, the most a single pump will draw is about ~36W, which a Molex can easily handle. People have been running graphics cards from Molex - PCIE adapters for ages.

    If the case fulfills your needs,wants and budget, then go for it. As I mentioned before, case choice is a very personal thing.
    In regards to watercooling, its a fairly decent case to be working with. You have the 2x240mm mounts internally, and through the grommeted holes at the back the option of externally mounting a rad is available if you need it.
  12. was only going for 240mm, so is it worth paying $60 more for the HAF XM? I dont mind the look of either case but i would rather spend less.

    Also, with the raystorm kit, is the pump in the res?
  13. A 240mm mount is a 240mm mount, either case will hold it fine.

    The Raystorm kits come in two flavors when it comes to pump/res combos (they all have a combined pump/res). it either uses the X20 750 V2/V4 pump.
    V2, starting to be phased out for the V4 which is a newer design.
    V4, newer design of the V2.

    or uses a reservoir with a pre-mounted D5 Vario pump.

    The X20 750's are well and truly built into the reservoir, cant remove them without destroying the reservoir pretty much. The D5 in the pump/res combo can be removed, you can use it with any other product you like or use it as a stand-alone unit if you got a top for it.
  14. Thats awesome that the pump is in the res, means i dont have to mount it somewhere.

    Back to the case, is it better to get the cm 690 ii over the haf xm?
  15. I personally don't like bay mounted pump/res combo's, my X20 750 V2 tends to vibrate in the drive bays causing this low hum, and because of the tight spacing its hard to decouple it (pad it) in any real way to reduce vibration.
    But, whatever works for you.

    There's a theme when it comes to water-cooling advice here, we wont tell you what to get. You come forth with your idea's and we will comment on them, point out any flaws, issues and possible solutions. Were here to make your transition into water-cooling smooth, not do it for you.
    The way I see it, water-cooling wise there is no real difference between the cases. However, I think the HAF-XM is the better case because of aspects that fall outside of water-cooling and just general case features. For instance it has hot swap HDD bays, front USB3 ports, support for larger fan sizes, rubber grommeted cable management holes, the metals used, quality of construction and general aesthetic.
    Whether you want those features and whether its worth $60 is up to you to decide.
  16. **Also a thick rad will require strong fans to reach its full potential**
    My RX240 like slow fans Chalk, that was one of the strongest points of the RX series,
    and the X20 750V2 or V4 is a fine pump you know, Pm me and we'll work on silencing yours for you :)
    @Op, cases are cases are cases mate, Watercooling 99% of the time involves some modding to achieve the result you want, get the one you like the look of, and we can help you mod it to whats needed :)
  17. Thanks for all the replies! I think i do like the look of the haf xm so i will probably go with that.
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