How to use sata as my operating system and ide as slave

i have got 2 hdd one ide and one sata, both has win xp installed on it , when i connected one after another it works just fine, but when i connected both it keeps on booting from the ide and another important thing is dat i could not see my sata hdd in the boot priority.. but in the main menu in the bios it shows that my sata hdd and my cd rom is connected. please help me.. thanks in advance..
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  1. The basic problem here is that your SATA HDD isn't in the Boot order/priority. Some BIOSes require you to identify potential boot devices in a separate menu (typically somewhere in the BOOT section of the BIOS). Then after you've enabled your SATA, then you should see it in the boot order list. Then you can move the SATA to the top...
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