680's lightnings IN SLI overclocking with 3A bios ( unlocked ) help

hey guys so today i flashed my second lightning to A3 Bios wich is unlocked.
so both of them are now unlocked and ready to overclock but,
now my qeustion is i forgot a lil bit about the overclocking part , i did it with first one ( when i didnt have the second card ) but now i forgot since it was a while ago.. but now theyre both in sli so yeah, from my understanding i need to max the power limit to 300% and max the voltage also? ( 100% )
then up the mem and core by 50+ / 100+ correct me if im wrong. then test a benchmark and when it shuts down lower it a bit? ( when not up it till its unstable then lower it to the number when its stable?

thats what ive done with my second one.. but im just asking it if this is correct of not..

thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi

    I assume you've researched what voltage (and temps) are considered safe?

    If you're happy to max out the voltage then your overclocking process is ok.
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