5850 green dots

Getting this issues on and off on my desktop. I've gone from 10.2 to 10.3 driver in an attempt to fix it:

Anyone experienced this before?


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  1. Very strange, does anything else happen other then that?
  2. Have u tried using the older driver?
    Like the one inside the CD which came with your card?

    What happened when u are gaming?
  3. Its a common issue with HD 5000 series,download the latest driver from AMD.
    I had this problem and changing the card's 2D speeds helps you.
    Set your 2D clocks to 400/900,here is how:

    1_Open CCC and choose Overdrive tab,unlock the settings(by clicking on the " Gold Key" icon)
    2_Go top options,profile and choose profile manager.
    3_In the composition tab,choose "The following settings" and in the "ATI Radeon HD 5900 series"make sure only ATI overdrive is checked.
    Then enter a profile name,then save and close it(Do not activate).
    4_Go to C:\Users\Your UserName\AppData\Local\ATI\ACE\Profiles (Its hidden so make sure you unlock hidden files and folders)
    5_Open the profile with wordpad and do this edits:
    <Feature name="CoreClockTarget_0">
    <Property name="Want_0" value="40000" /> (default is 15700)

    <Feature name="MemoryClockTarget_0">
    <Property name="Want_0" value="90000" /> (default is 30000)

    and for the second card:

    <Feature name="CoreClockTarget_1">
    <Property name="Want_0" value="40000" />

    <Feature name="MemoryClockTarget_1">
    <Property name="Want_0" value="90000" />

    Save the changes and close.

    6_Open CCC,in options tab go to profiles,profile manager and choose the profile that you saved before and then click on Activate and close.

    Now your cards will idle @ 400/900 and you should not experience any more problems in 2D mode.

    I have read in some sites that Cat 10.4 will completely fix this issues without the need to change your 2D clocks but for now do this and it should work
  4. Thanks for the guide, Maz... :)

    (i see you have a new rig, there... Nice.. :D )
  5. Hi guys

    Thanks for the immediate response!!!

    I'm just installing the original drivers that came with the card now and see whether I get the same problems.

    Maziar: I will attempt this fix if I see any issues with the existing card driver - thanks for suggesting that piece of info.

    Do you guys know when 10.4 is due?


  6. I hope those drivers help Dave but if they didn't that guide should help.
    About Cat 10.4,well even 10.3 isn't fully released yet (its currently 10.3a) so maybe next month 10.4 will come out
  7. wa1 said:
    Thanks for the guide, Maz... :)

    (i see you have a new rig, there... Nice.. :D )

    I found this guide after searching hours,because i was suffering from the same problem too.
    About the rig,well its about a month i built it (to replace my older rig which had problems) thanks ;)
  8. Maziar said:
    I hope those drivers help Dave but if they didn't that guide should help.
    About Cat 10.4,well even 10.3 isn't fully released yet (its currently 10.3a) so maybe next month 10.4 will come out

    Yo Maziar

    I ended up implementing your solution as the original drivers that came with the card were doing strange things when I needed to view UV map. I understand that ATI wants to keep the card running with a minimal power comsuption at idle but at the expense of 2d performance?

    Why did u end up going for an ATI card?


  9. Well as i said this problems only happens in 2D mode,in 3D mode its OK and works fine.
    It seems when the card wants to go from 2D clocks (157/300) too 3D clocks (725/1000) this happens or vice-versa (going from 3D clocks to 2D) and it will be fixed with 10.4 drivers(as reported)
  10. Hi Maziar

    Just to let you that the fix you suggest hasn't really fixed my problem - just today whilst using photoshop the ati driver crashed.

    Do you have anymore suggestings to what could be causing this?


  11. Also a quick note to others who want to try to raise their 2-D clocks, I found that OCing my card (even just a MHz or two) would raise my 2-D clocks to 500/750. Don't know if this works for all cards, but worth a try.

    To OP, if you keep getting really weird issues, you may just want to try RMAing the card.
  12. Thanks EXT64.

    The current values are now set to 550/900MHz and it seems more responsive in photoshop. I hope 10.4 comes out soon otherwise I'll have to rma my card.

    Really annoying and not a good start for a shift to ATI.
  13. So, is the green line issue gone?

    10.4 isn't due for a few weeks. 10 = 2010 and 4 = April, usually mid month.

    However ATI does claim 10.4 will substantially improve 2-D perf. I wish they'd put out a preview or hotfix driver sooner though.
  14. Haven't seen the green issue since the week-end - guess thats a good sign.

    I was getting stuttering performance when dragging windows around my desktop - not what I expected from a £200 + video card.

    I find it weird - 10.3 is only 'preview'. Surely it should be a out of beta now if 10.4 is around the corner?

    Shame really because the 3d performance is something else - Crysis ran at 1920x1200 without breaking a sweat.
  15. 10.3a (preview) I think was mainly to get the new drivers (which add tons of 3-D performance increases) in the hands of reviewers who are testing the GTX480 this week (or at least in the news). The official 10.3 drivers should be out around Wednesday of this week.
  16. As i said 3D performance is OK,the only problem is in 2D and you have set your clocks to 550/900,did you try 400/900 as well ?
  17. Hi Maziar

    Yeah I did try 400/900 and the driver did crash last night.

    At the minute I have it set to 550/900. I'm on the verge on sending this card back to the place i got it from.

    Not sure if this is related but I get booted from Battfield 2 everytime i play and I can no longer return to the same server. Just noticed now that I get the occassion flicker/tearing in windows now well adjusting ati overdrive.

    I'm in misery land - never had a single issue with my 8800gt card and it was less powerful!!!

  18. Well, there are bad cards now and then. I got a 4850 with a short in it, but at least that one was clearly dead. For this 5800 release, I have never seen so many "mostly" working cards. It is very strange to me.

    One question before my suggestion. What are your PSU and motherboard?

    If those seem to check out, I'd say return to the retailer while you still can. You have put forth a more than reasonable effort in trying to get the card working, now it is time to try a new 5850. If still issues, then we know something else is likely the culprit and try some other things.
  19. Also, is this a new build or new install of windows, or was this a card swap?
  20. Hey EXT64,

    My PSU is a OCZ 500W and my motherboard is P45/P43 intel chipset.

    New install of windows - I purchased the card quite recently.

    I'm taking it out of my system tomorrow for the retailier to test.

  21. Sounds like a great idea. And the new install of windows rules out software.
  22. No fault found with the card.

    Think I'm going to try one last thing - to buy new psu.
  23. Things seem to have settle down somewhat now.

    Have a new psu 700W and less driver crashes though I get the occassional issue (think thats down to aero).

    Thanks guys for your help.
  24. I have the same problem. I assembled two computers, both with HD5670 cards and get the lines and green dots on only one computer. I swapped cables and monitors but problem was still with the one machine BUT when I swapped the cards round the problem moved along with the card to the next computer. I have a 400watt PSU on both machines and one of the HD5670 works fine whilst the other is having the dot issue. I do not think its the PSU, think its a bad card as Im trying to get mine replaced.


    did you change the clocks and purchase a new PSU to solve your problem?
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